Group my Companies and Contacts

When grouping records, you can use Tags. These are labels which you can create and add to various types of records. You can then filter to see all records with the same tag. You can create as many tags as you want, giving you the flexibility to group records in unlimited ways.

By using tags, you can organise records for example, if you were at a networking event and were handed business cards from various organisations you can tag them by the name of the networking event you attended and later go back and filter all your records to just those tagged records in order to contact them to create potential sales.

Tagging a record?

First you have to decide which record you want to Tag, in our example we will tag the Contact record of ‘Francois Elan’.

  • From the Dashboard click on the ‘Contacts’ in the sidebar and click on the record you wish to Tag
  • Once you’re on the desired Contact record simply click the  icon and a new box should appear
  • You should then type your Tag, in this case we will type ‘Priority’ and then press enter.
  • Your Tag should now be assigned to the record and simply click anywhere outside the tag box once you’re done, remember you can add multiple tags to the same record
  • To add tags you’ve already created for other Contact records to this record follow the same procedure as above but then look for the Tag in the drop-down menu that appears and click on it and it, for example a previously created Tag in this example is ‘Marketing’

Finding records with a specific Tag

Ok, so you previously added a Tag to multiple records. Let’s imagine you added the Tag ‘Marketing’ to them because you want to send some survey questions to these Contacts via E-mail, so how do you find them? Fortunately it only takes a few clicks of your mouse to bring this group of records to you.

  • Once On the Contacts page you will see a list of all Contact records, simply click Add filter and pick ‘Tag:’ from the drop-down options.
  • You can then pick from a list of previously created Tags, or simply type the specific tag in, this is very helpful if you have a lot of Tags.
  • Once you’ve clicked the relevant Tag your records will be filtered down to only those which have been Tagged with ‘Marketing’ in this example
  • To deactivate the Tag and revert the list back to its original unfiltered state simply click the bubble the tag appears in, in this case: Tag: Marketing