Filtering your records with tags

Filtering your records with Tags allows you to quickly find records that are grouped together by a common attribute you have defined via tagging.

In this example we will filter our list of Contact records by the tag ‘Marketing’.

  • Once On the Contacts page you will see a list of all Contact records, simply click Add filter and pick ‘Tag:’ from the drop-down options.
  • You can then pick from a list of previously created Tags, or simply type the specific tag in, this is helpful if you have a lot of Tags.
  • Once you’ve clicked the relevant Tag your records will be filtered down to only those which have been Tagged with ‘Marketing’ in this example
  • To deactivate the Tag and revert the list back to its original unfiltered state simply click the bubble the tag appears in, in this case: Tag: Marketing

Note: The tags feature is available for you Contact, Opportunities, Projects, Activities and Tasks records as well.