I have entered a new Company into RealtimeCRM but I haven’t got much information back

A great feature of RealtimeCRM is its ability to do the data-entry heavy lifting for you by looking up a company as you type and finding the details for you. Not only will it save you time, you may also get access to details it would have taken a lot of digging to reveal had you done it manually.

But unfortunately sometimes you may get only a small amount of information back. This means the details are limited in the resources RealtimeCRM searches. In this case you can enter the Company details yourself:

  • From the dashboard click on the ‘Companies’ tab on the sidebar
  • Once on the Companies page click the blue Add company button
  • Now the ‘Add new company’ window should appear, please click on the ‘Fill manually’ button
  • This will then take you to a new window in which you will be able to enter in the relevant Company information yourself and once you are done simply click the blue ‘create’ button at the bottom of the form and the Company will be added to your records