Adding Tags

Tags allow you to group your records by a certain attribute that you define. For example if you met a series of Contacts at a networking event you can group them by the name of that networking event and therefore quickly find them again to perhaps further market to them. Tags are a powerful and yet simple tool to group your records on the fly, they can be quickly added and removed as you need them.

Adding a Tag

In this example, we are going to be adding a tag to a single Contact record. You can also tag: Companies, Tasks, Opportunities and Products.

  • Click on the Contacts panel on the left hand sidebar then select the record you wish to Tag
  • Clicking on will bring up the Tags search bar. You can then select existing tags or enter a new Tag doing here create a new Tag “Priority” by typing it into the search bar.
  • Once you press enter, this will immediately assign the new Tag to the record which you can later search or filter by

Note: You can also add more than one tag to a single record

Filtering records with Tags

Now you’ve added your desired tags, you want to utilise them. You can filter your list of records by a single or multiple Tags. In this example we will filter our list of Companies down to only those Company records tagged ‘Marketing’.

  • Click on the Companies panel on the left hand sidebar
  • Now click Add filter and then select ‘Tag:’ and then type the Tag you wish to filter by in this case ‘Marketing’
  • Clicking on the ‘Tag’ option will allow you to either pick from the list of tags, or just type the desired one in. This is helpful for if you have quite a few tags. In this case the applied tag filter will look like this Tag: Marketing
  • Once you’ve selected your desired tag it will bring up all the records containing that tag

Removing a Tag from a single record

No longer want a tag applied to a certain record? Just head back to that record and click and the search bar will open, select the tag you wish to delete and simply press backspace then click anywhere outside the tag search bar and the tag will be removed.

Adding and Removing the same Tag from multiple records

In addition to adding and removing individual Tags from individual records you can also add and remove the same tag from all records.

  • Select the records you want to add or remove a Tag to by clicking the checkbox next to them
  • Click the Manage selected button and select Manage tags for selected records
  • A new dialog box should open enabling you to add or remove Tags

  • To add a Tag to all or a selection of records simply type it into the box under the ‘Add tags’ heading and press enter, to add an existing Tag simply click the  symbol and select a Tag from the drop-down list
  • To remove a Tag from all or a selection of records simply click the Remove button next to the Tag you wish to delete and it will be removed from all records it is assigned to
  • Once you’re happy with your modifications simply close the dialog box

Note: To add or remove a Tag from a selection of records simply click the check box next to the relevant records and then follow the above procedure.