Adding and managing Companies

Companies are the actual businesses you deal with it. They are not persons which refers to Contact records in RealtimeCRM.

So, for example a Company record RealtimeCRM could have Contact records Walter Example and James Example associated with it.

Adding a single Company

With RealtimeCRM we make it easy to add and manage Company data. Using Company Lookup all you have to do is simply enter the Company name or the website of the Company you wish to add and RealtimeCRM will search various sources of information to populate the record. It even returns the Company logo.

Here’s how you add Companies to RealtimeCRM:

  • To begin with make your way from the Dashboard by clicking on the ‘Companies’ heading in the left hand menu;
  • Once you’re on the Companies list page, if you look next to the search bar, you’ll see the Add company button;
  • Clicking on that button will bring up a new window. Type in the website address of the company that you are adding. A list of known, matching Companies will be returned. Pick from the search results to choose the correct company to add
  • Once you’ve found the business you were looking for click the blue ‘Create’ button and your new Company will be added to your records;
  • Alternatively, if the Company Lookup feature was unable to find your Company then on the ‘Add new company’ dialog box and you will be able to enter the relevant Company details yourself by clicking the Fill Manually button.

Adding many Companies at once

Sometimes you want to add a lot of Companies at once. This is particularly relevant if you’re new to RealtimeCRM.

  • Click on your name as it appears in the top right corner of the page and then click on Settings
  • You will be taken to your profile page. If you look in the menu on the left-hand side you will see the Import Data option. It’s near the bottom. Click on that to be taken to the Import Data page;
  • You will be asked to choose your record type: Companies, Contacts, Opportunities, Projects, Products, Tasks, and Activities. If you’re importing a list of Companies then you would select ‘Companies’ from the drop-down menu
  • Under Import Type: you should click ‘Insert’ as you are importing brand new Company records instead of updating existing Company records then simply click Select a CSV file and select the relevant import CSV file
  • You will then need to choose your data columns. RealtimeCRM sorts these into what it believes to be the right order but it’s always worth a double check
  • You can then click the Import data button and all your new records will be added into RealtimeCRM;
  • During the import process, RealtimeCRM will review your data and flag things such as duplicates.

Note: Your newly imported Companies will be tagged with the date and time they were imported into RealtimeCRM.

Managing Companies

We want you to have full control when it comes to managing your Companies. Here’s an example of something you could do when managing your Company records.

As example, suppose that you have emailed a variety of Companies some survey questions, perhaps using MailChimp . You had tagged those Companies with a Marketing tag Learn how. Now, you want to record the fact that you’ve sent the survey in the Activity timeline of those records. Here’s how you do it in RealtimeCRM in just a few short steps.

  • Head to the Companies page
  • If you look underneath the page title you’ll see Add filter
  • Clicking on that link will open a drop-down menu with City, Postcode, Country and other attributes with which to filter records with. In this case we will filter by the Tag Marketing
  • Now only records which have been tagged under ‘Marketing’ will appear in the list below. Make sure to select them all
  • You then need to click on the Manage selected button underneath the search bar
  • From the drop-down that appears, select ‘add activity to selected records’
  • You can then select from either Call, Email, Letter, Meeting or Note. Enter the date and details of the Activity.
  • In this example we will add an Email Activity note regarding the survey questions emailed to the Companies tagged under Tag: Marketing.