View My Agenda in the Scheduler

The ‘My Agenda’ view allows you to view all your appointments for a given week. If you’re an engineer or a tutor then it is unlikely that you want to view everyone’s schedule. You’re really only interested in your own, furthermore the ‘My Agenda’ view is geared towards making it easy to see your own schedule on the go on your phone.

Viewing My Agenda

  • On the left hand side bar click the ‘Scheduler’ panel
  • Now click the the My agenda button and you will be taken to the My agenda view
  • Here you can see all your appointments for the week, and using the arrow toggle buttons see appointments for the week(s) or month(s) before and after
  • You can click on each individual appointment to either delete it or change its status via the drop-down menu next to the label ‘Status’
  • To leave the My agenda view simply click on the Day or Week button and you’ll be taken back to the default Scheduler view