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Save templates in RealtimeCRM for later use

You’ve had the ability to download the information in your records into your own custom made templates for a long time in RealtimeCRM but we’ve decided to make it better. RealtimeCRM now allows you to also upload and save templates to RealtimeCRM for later use where it can be accessed later on by all Users…

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BATNA and when to delay a sales negotiation

When delaying is better than walking away The nuclear option is to walk away. It’s what your credibility is based upon but sometimes it’s better to be patient. To let time be your ally. The question then naturally follows how to decide whether you should postpone negotiations or not? Story time! We’re going way back…

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Product demos that get you the sale

Demonstrating your product is a really great way to tick a number of important boxes and will mean the prospect and you can be confident that you’ll both benefit from a sale. But what’s the best way to deliver a product demonstration and how can you maximise the chance of mutual success? We’ve been working…

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Ensure your CRM system is properly configured

Planning the roll-out of a new CRM system is a multi-step process. It doesn’t matter whether you are switching from one CRM system to another or you’re stepping up from pen and paper. Take time to get the fundamentals right and the integration of the CRM System with your business processes will go smoothly. Whichever CRM system you…

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