Track deals. From start to finish.

Close more deals in a visual sales pipeline

See at a glance how your deals are progressing, real time revenue insights and easy customisation to remain in control of your sales process.

Every time you add or win a new deal the pipeline updates automatically. It’s simple to use, just drag your deals from one stage to the next, and update them in a single click. Plus, have your actual & expected values for every stage ready to go without needing to know complex formulas.

Send quotes direct to your customers

All the information you need to generate quotes is in RealtimeCRM. So you can just set up your quote and send it all from one place. No complex third party integrations needed.

CRM that fits your sales process

All your customer interactions in one place

With our activity timeline, keep track of what’s going on so RealtimeCRM becomes the central hub for your sales team.

What’s going on? Make it simple by tracking your calls, emails, meetings and more in RealtimeCRM. You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune and have multiple apps to capture your sales process.
With RealtimeCRM your whole team can keep up to date with what’s going on and share what they’ve done including forwarding email conversations with leads straight into RealtimeCRM.

Customisable to fit the way you work

With custom fields you can map RealtimeCRM to your sales process.

A CRM system should fit in with the way you work, not the other way around. Use custom fields to store your contact’s preferences, department, communication preference and more. By capturing the important details that matter to them you can build and maintain trust over the long term.

Find the information you need, in seconds.

Powerful search and reporting

Take advantage of the power of search and filtering in RealtimeCRM. Easily identify your newest leads, the deals you have the best chance of converting, and those prospects you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Every time you run a query our powerful search dynamically generates the results from current data so your search results are always up to date. Our global search doesn’t just search records, but any tags you’ve created too.

Organise your data with tags

Tags allow you to group records any certain attribute you want.

For example, if you met a series of contacts at a networking event, you can group them by the name of that networking event and therefore quickly find them again to perhaps further market to them.

Tags are a powerful and yet simple tool to group your records on the fly, they can be quickly added and removed as you need them.

Create favourites for your most accessed data

Have a list of important leads, a filtered list or just want to see your tasks at the click of a button?

Simply save any page to your favourites and you can access it in one click.

Collaborate with your whole team

Maintain sales momentum with task management

Jumping between applications will make things slower. Speed things up with task management inside RealtimeCRM, you can create tasks straight from the lead’s records with the full context of the deal.

Collaborate in RealtimeCRM with Team Chat

If you’ve got a quick question you need to ask a sales rep or check if you can make a special offer to a client with your boss or its something not worth clogging up an inbox over then instant messaging in RealtimeCRM is the place to go. It’s fast, easy and avoid messy email threads that are hard to follow.