Get leads. Track progress. Win. Repeat.

Simple and clear pricing that helps you focus on running your business.

RealtimeCRM Standard

A popular choice for thousands of business that want a cost effective, immediate answer to their sales team’s CRM software needs.

Our standard CRM software package contains everything a sales team needs to get sales moving. Store prospect and lead data, send quotes, do timely follow ups and win more business. Review business performance and sales telemetry all in real-time.

Small sales teams and those wanting to take a step away from using spreadsheets for their sales management. Seasonal or pop-up businesses that want an immediate sales solution that they can use without lengthy contract commitments.

  • Start using it immediately
  • No configuration or customisation required
  • Add or remove users as your team changes
  • No long term tie-in, simply pay as you go
  • Fully supported by our in-house team
  • Management reporting included

RealtimeCRM Professional

All the benefits of Standard but with the ability to make it truly your own CRM software system through customisation

To allow your company to be as efficient as possible, your CRM system needs to have exactly the right mix of features. That’s why our Standard CRM is complemented with the ability for our development team to create the CRM that meets your exact needs. You’re not limited by modules or configuration options. Instead, get exactly what you need.

Aimed at businesses that have a specialist or unique workflow, the package allows your Standard account to be infinitely flexible and adaptive. Ideal for sales or operation teams of between 5 and 20 users that want automation or custom setup that mirrors their exact way of working. No big setup costs or investments, just pay-as-you go for subscription and development.

  • Customises your Standard plan
  • Request any features or automation
  • Expertly implemented by our developers
  • No third parties, everything delivered in-house
  • Flexible cost depending on number of users
  • All security and code updates applied
  • Full support from our in-house team
  • Brand with your own logo and house colours

RealtimeCRM Enterprise

The fully managed, customised CRM software solution with the long term reassurance for your entire team

Everything in RT Professional plus an initial engagement audit to ensure the CRM that is delivered will meet your needs. The agreed system is then implemented and delivered by our expert in-house development team. Ongoing support, maintenance and on-demand consultancy is then provided to make sure that the CRM remains at its best throughout its life.

This plan is ideal for the larger business, or for those that recognises their CRM system is at the heart of their organisation and want a hand-in-glove fit. Our consultants and developers work alongside your company to ensure every aspect of your business is efficiently incorporated into your CRM system. Everything is delivered at a competitive price, with fully transparent estimates and ongoing costs.

  • Customised from the reliable RealtimeCRM core
  • Initial consultation to discover your needs
  • Account manager for discussions and requests
  • Code updates to ensure peak performance
  • New features from RealtimeCRM core added
  • Fully managed CRM switching service
  • Team training delivery included

Frequently asked questions

RealtimeCRM can be integrated with external systems such as:

  • Email (all supported, including Gmail & Microsoft 365)
  • Xero
  • Mailchimp
  • Outlook and Google calendars
  • VoIP phone systems
  • Document storage systems (Google Workspace, Microsoft SharePoint)

Professional and Enterprise plans: Customisable marketing automation and developer API is available upon demand.

All of our plans include features to support your products and e-commerce business such as stock control and product catalogue.

With our Professional and Enterprise plan we offer a customisable feature to assist with the e-commerce ordering capture process.

To allow your company to be as efficient as possible, your CRM system needs to have exactly the right mix of features. Our RealtimeCRM Professional and Enterprise plans allow you to customise the system however you’d like.

Professional plan: Our development team get involved, and we add new features you need to RealtimeCRM, and provide bespoke functionality to meet your needs.

Enterprise plan: This is our most advanced option, where we take the core RealtimeCRM platform and make it your own. The output of this is unique to your business, and you’re not limited by modules or configuration options. Instead, you can change whatever you’d like to make RealtimeCRM exactly what you need.

All our plans offer email, telephone and web-based support. We offer comprehensive help, support and training materials on our website.

For Professional & Enterprise plans: we can offer additional training sessions and on-site visits if required, for a fee.

All plans include:

  • powerful search and filters
  • native calendar view
  • location-based views (maps & geo-coding)
  • contact management
  • opportunity management
  • task management
  • record tagging