Editing the Scheduler Appointment statuses

Our Scheduler allows you to record appointments and in real time change their status. So, for example lets say you have an engineer who gets to an appointment he’d change the status on his appointment to ‘Started’ then once he’s completed his work he’d change his status to ‘Completed’.

These are just the statuses that come out the box, but with RealtimeCRM you can change the statuses to best represent your workflow, you can even change the colour of each status to suit your own taste.

Tip: We recommend changing your appointment statuses to whatever suits you best before adding any appointments to the Scheduler.

So how do I change the appointment statuses?

  • Click on your username on the top right corner of the screen
  • A drop-down menu should appear and you should select ‘Settings’. Alternatively you can click the ‘Settings’ panel on the left hand sidebar
  • Now click on the ‘Configuration’ panel
  • Once on the Configuration page scroll down until you reach the “Appointments Statuses” heading
  • You should then see all your appointment statuses as in the example below

  • To move an appointment status up or down your workflow click the  symbol and drag the appointment status up or down to its new position and then let go to save the change
  • To change either the colour or name of an appointment status click the Edit button next to the status you wish to change and then click the save button to keep the changes
  • If you want to delete a status you can only do so if it not currently in use in the Scheduler i.e. if you wanted to delete the status ‘Started’ but a bunch of appointments in the Scheduler are currently sitting in the ‘Started’ Status
  • That being taken into account simply click the Delete button next to the status you wish to remove. A warning box should appear if you wish to proceed then click ‘OK’ and the status will be removed from the Scheduler.