Adding and approving time entries

Timesheets are used to record where you’re spending your time. You can record time spent on Projects and Opportunities, this allows you to easily track your effort and use that data for billing clients or payroll

Adding a time entry

  • Click on the Timesheets panel on the left hand sidebar
  • Once on the Timesheets page click and drag on the Timesheet to add your time entry on the appropriate day for the appropriate hours
  • The ‘Add time entry’ form will appear simply enter the relevant details and select the related record type you wish to record the time entry against i.e. whether its a Project or Opportunity then select the relevant Project or Opportunity from the drop down menu
  • Once you’ve filled in all the necessary information just click the blue Add button and the new time entry will be saved

Approve a time entry or a selection of time entries

You can approve an individual time entry, a selection of time entries or all the time entries for a user at the click of a button, we’ll go through each here:

  • To approve an individual time entry simply click on it and click the check box ‘is approved’ on the time entry form which appears and then click the blue ‘Update’ button
  • To approve a selection of time entries simply click the list panel under the Timesheets panel then click the check box next to the time entries you want to approve
  • Once you’ve made the selection you want then click the ‘manage selected’ link and from the drop down menu click ‘Approve selected records’, a dialog box will appear asking you to confirm this action then simply click OK and the entire selected list of time entries will be approved. You’ll know they’re approved because they will be labeled ‘Approved’ in the list
  • To approve all the time entries for a user for the week simply click the blue ‘Approve all’ button on the bottom right of the Timesheet

Suggested time entries

What makes our Timesheet different from others is that we can suggest time entries from our Scheduler to you. So lets say you’ve scheduled an appointment with a client for a Project you’re working on in the Scheduler. That’s obviously time spent on the Project that needs to be recorded, instead of having to copy that appointment over to the Timesheets section. RealtimeCRM will instead suggest that appointment be added as a time entry and all the relevant information will be already entered for you.

So it saves you having to enter in information over and over again. Let’s run through an example:

  • You add an appointment in the Scheduler via the usual method
  • Then click the Timesheets panel and in the week for the appointment you’ve just created you’ll see under the Timesheet the heading ‘Suggested time entries’
  • Click the ‘+Add time entry’ button next to the appointment you wish to create a time entry for and you’ll see it added to the Timesheet with all the relevant details