Scanning a business card into RealtimeCRM

Using the Business Card Reader

Note: If you’re logged into RealtimeCRM with your smartphone by clicking the Scan business card button it will take you straight to your phone’s camera where you can take a photo of the business card and it will send it straight to RealtimeCRM. If you’re on your computer it’ll open your file explorer and you can simply click on an image of a business card you have saved on your computer.

In this example we’ll be using a computer instead of a phone. The procedure for scanning a business card will be identical except as stated above when you click on the Business Card Scanner on your smartphone you’ll be taken to your camera’s phone where you can take the photo but then the procedure will continue as described below.

We’ll be scanning the following business card in this example:

  • Click on the Contacts panel in the left hand sidebar
  • Now click the Add contact button
  • In the ‘Add new contact’ form you should see the Scan business card button. Click on it
  • If you are on your phone you will be taken to your phone’s camera where you should take a photo of the business card which will be sent to RealtimeCRM
  • **If you are on your computer **your file explorer will open and you can click on an image of the business card you have saved and RealtimeCRM will scan it into the system
  • You should now be back in the ‘Add new contact’ form but you’ll notice at the top of the form it says “We read the following from your card. Please check the details below before pressing create:”
  • Under which you will see all the information that RealtimeCRM found on the business card in a grey box which you can copy and paste into the relevant fields if needs be
  • You will also notice that RealtimeCRM will have already filled in a few fields such as name and email. You should double check this and again if needs be copy and paste the information RealtimeCRM found into the relevant field
  • Once you’re happy all the information is correct simply click the Create button and your business card will be turned into a new Contact record in RealtimeCRM. Neat right?

Can I create a new company record using the business card reader?

Yes, the business card reader will create a new Contact record but it will also try to find the Company on the business too and pre-fill the field ‘Company ID’ and then you hit the blue create button as above and a new Company record will be created and automatically linked to the Contact record from the business card.

However it might not always find pre-fill the Company ID field so all you have to do is copy and paste the Company name from the grey box above into the Company ID field and hit create and it’ll do the same thing. In the example above we took Joe Example from our business card reader and created the new Company record ‘RealtimeCRM’ by copying and pasting it into ‘Company ID’.