Link a Company record to Companies House

With RealtimeCRM you have the ability to look up any British Company you add to Companies House. This allows you to find even more information about them including whether the company has insolvency history or is going into liquidation.

However, if you added your newly created Company record via its website address, the new Company record will not automatically be linked to Companies House. You can however manually look up the Company record on Companies House by following the steps below.

Linking to Companies House

  • Click on the Companies panel on the left hand sidebar
  • Once on the ‘Companies’ page click the Add company button
  • A new dialog box will open. Type in the name or website of the company you’re looking for and pick from the search results.
  • Once you’ve found the business you were looking for click the blue ‘Create’ button and your new Company will be added to your records
  • Alternatively, if the Company Lookup feature was unable to find your Company then on the ‘Add new company’ dialog box and you will be able to enter the relevant Company details yourself by clicking Fill Manually
  • Once you’ve created your new Company record, you should be taken to the newly created Company’s record
  • Now click Link to Companies House
  • A list of possible matches will appear from Companies house, simply click the correct one and your RealtimeCRM Company record will be linked to the Companies house record

You can check if a company has a history of insolvency or is going into liquidation

By referring Companies House you get a wealth of information including whether or not the Company you are adding is going into liquidation or has a history of insolvency. It’s pretty useful if you are thinking of running them a line of credit or are planning on completing a large project, if they have a history of not making payments it’ll hurt your bottom line.

See our example below: