Merging Companies

If you’ve added more than one Company for the same customer or supplier you can merge them deleting the extra Company you don’t want whilst retaining all of the Activity details of that Company.

Note: This action is only available to Administrators.

Merging two Company records

In this example we are going to merge the Company record ‘tesla car company’ into the Company record ‘Tesla’, once merged we will delete the duplicate Company record ‘tesla car company’.

  • Click on the Companies panel and then go to the Company record you wish to merge and then delete
  • Once on the relevant Company record click the Merge button
  • A new dialog box should open, there you can select the Company you wish to merge with, in this case we wish to merge ‘tesla car company’ into ‘Tesla’, so select Tesla from the drop-down menu or type it in manually
  • We also wish to delete the Company record Tesla Car Company after merging so we select the ‘Delete tesla car company on completion’ check box
  • Now click the Merge button, a warning box should appear asking you if are sure you wish to go ahead with the merge, if you wish to continue then click ‘OK’ and the merge should be complete

Note: Once you’ve merged a Company this action cannot be undone.

Now that the two Companies have merged RealtimeCRM will combine both Companies Activity history and will add an Activity note automatically recording the date and time the two Companies were merged and which User merged them.