Viewing and filtering Tasks

Tasks are an important part of your day-to-day work and are critical in ensuring you follow up Opportunities or enquiries on time. To help, we provide the Tasks tab which is a very useful way of seeing what you still need to complete. Additionally, using filters you can see a whole host of other things such as Tasks that have already been completed, Tasks that have been assigned to colleagues and even Tasks that are due during a certain date range.

Viewing pending or completed Tasks

  • Head to the Tasks panel on the left hand sidebar
  • Once you are on the Tasks page simply click on Add filter and select ‘Completed’
  • Then you will be given two options ‘Completed: No’ for pending Tasks and ‘Completed: Yes’ for those Tasks you have accomplished

Task Status

  • Green if 0-6 days until due (includes today)
  • Amber if 1 day overdue (yesterday)
  • Red if greater than 1 day overdue

Other ways to filter Tasks

To get a more detailed view of your Task list, you can use filters. Apply a filter allows you to see a sub-set of Tasks.

  • Click Add filter
  • You can then choose from all the other options such Due date, Company, Opportunity, Assignee, Project etc…
  • Once you have chosen your desired filter simply click on it for example. filtering by a specific Company
  • You can also remove any enabled filters at any time by clicking on them, they appear in a bubble to the left of the Add filter button, for example here is an enabled filter: Contact: Evangeline Mortimer Fitzgerald

Remember you can also add Custom Fields to your Tasks and filter by those, giving you an ever wider scope for listing the Tasks you need.