The Event Log

The Event Log in RealtimeCRM allows you to see and keep track of all changes that have taken place on RealtimeCRM, these changes are known as events. If a User has access to the Event Log, he or she will be able to see everything that has been added, changed, removed or updated within RealtimeCRM, as well as who made those events occur. For example, Robert Jones updated a task’s title and description on 20th February 2019 from the example below.

Every time you or your team makes a change within RealtimeCRM it will be logged as an event. The Event Log also comes in handy for finance as it allows you to keep an audit trail.

Using the Event Log

  • You can find the Event Log in the left hand sidebar. Alternatively, if you click on your Username the following drop-down menu will appear, simply click ‘View Event Log’ and you will be taken to the Event Log page
  • If you are looking for a specific Event you can use the search bar to locate it
  • Once you have found your desired Event to view it simply look to the right and you will find the option to view, in the above example to view the newly created Task by Robert Jones on the 11th July at 1:40 a.m. simply click ‘View task record’ to the right
  • If you wish to erase all events then you can simply click the Clear log button next to the search bar
  • If you want to export your event log entries into a CSV file then click Export

What is the difference between Activities and Events in RealtimeCRM?

Activities allow you to store information against any given records. Letting you add email, phone & general activity notes to those records. Whereas the Event Log is an overview of all changes made by all team members within RealtimeCRM, showing who has updated, deleted or changed anything on the system.

Another difference is that the Event Log’s access can be restricted by the administrator(s), allowing them to choose if team members can read or clear the Event Log. In contrast Activities cannot be restricted by User privileges.

How the Event Log enhances security and helps you be GDPR compliant

The Event log allows you to create an audit trail of your data processing. This could be useful as an extra layer of evidence to help prove compliance with GDPR. Furthermore, the Event Log records any activity which has taken place in RealtimeCRM including who did it and when. This might be when a customer record is deleted. In this way you can keep an eye on your data processing activities and make sure you remain compliant with GDPR, and if needed prove compliance with the Event Log and other audit trail tools within RealtimeCRM such as our Activities.