Mark a Task as complete or incomplete

In order to mark a Task as complete simply click symbol next to the Task.

If you accidentally marked it as complete, then to undo this you need to mark the Task as incomplete. You can do this by a number of ways.

Method 1: In list view

  • Click the Tasks panel on the left hand side
  • Click the Add filter then select ‘Complete: Yes’
  • This will bring up all of your completed Tasks and then simply click the green symbol next to the Task you wish to mark as incomplete
  • You will now see the Task on your list of incomplete Tasks

Method 2: Inside the Task record itself

  • Click on Tasks panel on the left hand side and then select it
  • To mark the Task as complete simply click the Mark as complete
  • To mark the Task as incomplete simply click Mark as incomplete

Completing and Rescheduling

If you are viewing a Task record then you will also an option to Complete and reschedule the Task. This has the same effect as marking the Task as complete but it will also open a new form to allow you to schedule the task again for the future.

This is ideal for Tasks that need to repeat when they are completed.