Organise your Tasks in the Calendar

It can be quite overwhelming to see your list of Tasks but RealtimeCRM enables you to view your Tasks inside a Calendar allowing for an easy visual of your outstanding Tasks. In this way you can quickly see those Tasks whose due dates are fast approaching. You also have the ability to add Tasks directly into the Calendar, as well as the ability to edit existing Tasks.

All of your Task types are colour coded so you can comfortably view the Tasks you want at a glance, you also retain the ability to filter your Tasks in Calendar view as well so only those Tasks you wish to see will appear.

Viewing your Tasks in the Calendar

RealtimeCRM enables you to view your Tasks in two views, list view and inside a calendar. If you want to view your Tasks inside the calendar just click the ‘Calendar’ panel in the left hand sidebar.

  • To open the Task record click See task details and to modify the Task click Edit task
  • You can change the period the Calendar covers by clicking the
  • To go to today’s date or move from one month, week or day to the next click the today prev next  toggle buttons
  • To view your own Tasks click Add filter then from the drop-down menu select ‘Assignee:’ then you should see your username and click on it to restrict the Calendar to only your Tasks

Filtering Tasks in Calendar View

Filtering Tasks in Calendar view is the same as in list view simply click  Add filter and select the attributes by which you wish to filter your records, in this example we want to view only outstanding Tasks relating to the Project ‘Locations’

  • Once in Calendar view please note that it shows outstanding Tasks by default as the filter ‘Complete: No’ is already engaged, you can of course remove this filter by clicking on the bubble it appears in
  • If you only want to view outstanding Tasks then leave it engaged and then click Add filter
  • From the drop-down list select ‘Project:’ and then select ‘Project: Locations’. The applied filter will appear as Project: Locations
  • Your Calendar should now only display outstanding Tasks relating to the Project named Locations

Adding a Task when in Calendar view

  • Once in Calendar view simply go to the date you wish your Task to be completed by and click on that day
  • A pop up window should appear asking you which type of task you wish to add, in this example we will create a Personal Task
  • The ‘Add new Personal Task’ dialog box should appear with the due date already set to the date you clicked on the Calendar
  • Fill in the details of the Task as usual and then click the Create button and the Task will be created and added to your Calendar

Quickly change a Task’s due date

When in the calendar view you can quickly and easily change the due date of our tasks. To do this just click, hold and drag the task you want to move to the new day you want the due date to be. A notification will then come up asking you if you are sure you want to update the task due date. By clicking ‘OK’ your task due date will then be change and you task will be moved to the correct date.