Send a reminder from RealtimeCRM

In addition to the ability to create tasks for yourself and other members of your team you can email reminders as well so no one forgets and the task is completed.

In order to be able to set a reminder for task you need to set a due date for the task first. In this help article we will walk you through how to do this.

Creating a reminder

In this example we will create a reminder for a personal task.

  • Click on the Tasks panel in the left hand sidebar
  • Now click on the blue ‘+Add task’ button and from the drop down menu select ‘Personal Task’
  • The add new task form will appear. Fill in the relevant details and then enter a due date
  • Once you have selected a due date you’ll notice a new option will appear. Click on the ‘Send Reminder’ option and then enter how long before the due date you wish for the reminder to be sent
  • If you want to send an email notification as well then click on the ‘Send notification’ option as well
  • Now that you’ve completed this simply click the blue ‘Create’ button to complete the new task and reminder creation