Filter or search your Activities

RealtimeCRM allows you to both filter and search your list of Activities so if you know what you’re looking for you can type it into the search bar but if you only remember a few facts about the activity you can use that to narrow down the list and pinpoint which Activity is you’re looking for. You can even add tags to individual Activities which you can later use to filter your entire list of Activities.

Adding a Tag to an Activity

In this example we’re going to create an Activity note for a Contact record and then add a tag to it. The procedure only involves a couple of extra steps beyond the normal process for creating a new Activity.

Once you’ve created your new Activity simply scroll to the bottom of the record where the Activity Timeline is and click the  symbol on the relevant Activity, this will open the tag box where you simply type in the tag you want, in this case “important” and then press enter then click outside the tag box. The Activity will now have this tag assigned to it which you can later use to find it again by filtering for that specific tag, in this case the tag “important”.

Filtering your Activity list

In this example we’re looking for an activity record but we can’t remember the contents, only that it was an email and it occurred some time in the last month.

  • Click on the Activities panel in the left hand sidebar
  • Click the Add filter button and from the drop-down menu select ‘Activity Date:’ then choose ‘Activity Date: last month’ from the list of options
  • Your list of Activity records should be restricted to only those that occurred in the last month
  • Now click the Add filter button again and select ‘Type:’ from the drop-down menu then select ‘Type: Email’ to filter the list further down to only Email Activity records that have taken place in the last month
  • You’ll know both filters are applied on your list because they will appear in bubbles as follows: Activity Date: last month and Type: Email
  • Now from the filtered list we recognise the Activity we were looking for as the ‘Welcome Sent’ Email after a follow up call with a client
  • Click the Activity to enter the record

Searching your list of Activities

  • Click on the Activities panel in the left hand sidebar
  • Type in the relevant information regarding the Activity you’re looking into the search bar on the right above the Activities list and press enter
  • You should see the relevant record below the search bar