Adding Activity to records

How do Activities work and what are they for?

Activities allow you to store information against any given records. Letting you add Email, Phone & General Activity Notes to those records. Imagine that a group of your teams are in talks with the same Contacts or Companies. You need to know who has spoken to who, and what those conversations were about.

The Activities feature lets you keep track of all correspondence. Allowing you to assign Activity notes to individual records, that you can all see.

You can also create follow up Tasks under Activities to be completed in the future with that Contact. For example, imagine you have called a Contact and pitched your product. They want a week to discuss the matter with senior staff and would like to talk again after having done so. When you then go to add an Activity to said Record, you can create a Phone Call follow up Task for a week’s time. You then have the ability to set Reminders also.

Adding Activities to records

  • From the Dashboard, go to your desired Record. In this example we will go to the Contacts panel in the sidebar and then click on the desired Contact record but you can add Activity notes to other record types such as Opportunities, Companies and Projects as well
  • Once you are on the relevant Contact record, scroll down to the bottom of the record and you will see the Activity Timeline
  • If you look to the right-hand side of the page, you will see the Add activity button. Click on it
  • A menu will then appear and you will need to fill in the Activity details including the type of Activity which has taken place, for example a phone call and a brief description of the call under notes as well as the date and time said Activity took place
  • Once you’ve done that you can click the Add button and your Activity will be saved

Tip: If you want to add a follow-up Task click the toggle to yes and you will then get to fill out the Task details.

Adding Activity entries to multiple records

In this example we are going to record Note Activity to multiple Contact records.

  • Click on the Contacts panel in the left hand sidebar
  • Now select the records you wish to add Activity to by clicking the check boxes next to the relevant records
  • Your selection should be highlighted and you should now click the Manage Selected button and from the drop-down menu select ‘Add activity to selected records’
  • A new dialog box will open allowing you to complete the details of the Activity including its type, in this case we are recording an Note Activity where some survey questions were sent out

Once you’ve completed the details of the Activity you’re adding simply click Add and the new Activity will be saved to the selected records