Delete multiple records at once

We have recently added list selection which grants you the ability to complete a variety of tasks including the ability to delete all records at once or a selection of records.

Deleting all or a selection of records

In this example we will delete all Opportunity records but you can do this for records of any type.

  • Click on ‘Opportunities’ panel in the sidebar
  • Once on the Opportunities page click on the top most check box to the left of the grey menu bar this will then select all of your Opportunity records
  • Then click ‘Manage selected’, a drop-down menu should appear and then click ‘Delete Selected Records’
  • A warning box should then appear telling you that the action of deleting these records cannot be undone and asking you to type Delete to confirm the deletion
  • To manually delete a selection of records simply click the checkbox next to the records you wish to remove and follow the above procedure

**Tip: **You can also apply a filter(s) to your list of records by clicking the Add filter button and then remove only the records that appear in that filtered list by then following the same instructions as above once the filter has been applied.