Keyboard shortcuts in RealtimeCRM

Enter that data you need quicker than ever with these handy keyboard shortcuts.

  • Ctrl+alt+c Creates a new Company
  • Ctrl+alt+x Creates a new Contact
  • Ctrl+alt+j Creates a new Project
  • Ctrl+alt+r Creates a new Product
  • Ctrl+alt+o Creates a new Opportunity
  • Ctrl+alt+w close any open dialogue box or data entry window

Quickly record call activity to records

  • Go to the Contact or Company you’re calling then simply click on their phone number
  • A dialog box will open asking you if you wish to add a ‘call activity’ to the record, click the add activity button
  • Now a call activity will be assigned to the record and you can provide more details regarding the content of the call if you wish by clicking the Edit button on the Activity