Save templates in RealtimeCRM for later use

You’ve had the ability to download the information in your records into your own custom made templates for a long time in RealtimeCRM but we’ve decided to make it better. RealtimeCRM now allows you to also upload and save templates to RealtimeCRM for later use where it can be accessed later on by all Users saving your team time and allowing for deeper integration of RealtimeCRM into your workflow.

So every time you want to download your opportunities into your quote template you don’t have to upload the quote template every single time you want to use it. It’ll be there waiting for you in every Opportunity record.

It’s super simple to set up too, it takes only a few clicks, and all you have to do is create the initial template with the relevant keywords RealtimeCRM uses and make sure to save it as a .docx Word document file and RealtimeCRM will take care of the rest.

Uploading your template to RealtimeCRM for later use

So for example, we’ll upload a quote template ‘Opportunity Template’ available for later use in an Opportunity record titled ‘Window replacement’ but then we’ll go into another Opportunity record titled ‘Imax install’ and we’ll find that same template in the list of saved templates ready to go and use it to create the final document that will go to the customer associated with that opportunity.

  • Once inside the relevant record click Create document and then from the drop down menu select + Add Word document as a new template. If you’re not able to see this option it’s because you don’t have Administrator privileges and will have to contact your account Administrator in order to change your account type to an Administrator
  • A dialog box will open allowing you to find and select your desired template
  • Once you’ve done that the template will be uploaded and saved to RealtimeCRM available for later use
  • If you want to remove a saved template from RealtimeCRM simply click next to the file name of the template in the list