Download a Contact’s information into a template

RealtimeCRM enables you to download Contact information into pre-prepared template letters or envelope addressee labels thus saving you from having to fill in the information manually.

In this example we will go through creating a simple template letter that invites a Contact to a RealtimeCRM training session, you can of course create your own templates for your own purposes but please remember RealtimeCRM only accepts templates of the (.docx) file type.

Construct your template

Start by creating a Microsoft Word Document to act as a template and be sure to save it as a (.docx) file. Include the keywords below where needed in the document. RealtimeCRM will replace the keywords with their relative values, and download a new version of the file for you.

Keywords which are recognised by RealtimeCRM:

  • {forename} – Contact forename
  • {surname} – Contact surname
  • {company} – Contact’s company name
  • {jobtitle} – Contact’s job title
  • {phone} – Contact telephone number
  • {mobile} – Contact mobile number
  • {email} – Contact email address
  • {address} – 1st line of contact’s address
  • {address2} – 2nd line of contact’s address
  • {city} – Contact’s city / town
  • {county} – Contact’s county / state
  • {postcode} – Contact’s postcode / zip
  • {country} – Contact’s country
  • {currentUserName} – The Username of the RealtimeCRM account which downloaded the Contact information

To find all the keywords used by RealtimeCRM simply click the Create document button in the relevant Project record and from the drop-down menu select How does this work?, there you will find a list of keywords and what they will import into your template.

Here we’ve created a RealtimeCRM training booking confirmation letter template that we will use in our example, the keywords will soon be replaced by the relevant corresponding information in the Contact record once we come round to downloading it.

Downloading your Contact information into the template

Now that you have set up your Microsoft Word Template save it as a (.docx) file making a note of which folder you have saved it to. Once it has been saved then complete the following steps:

  • Click on the Contacts panel in the left hand sidebar
  • Click the Create document  button and select Use Word document from your computer from the drop-down menu
  • A dialog box should open and you should select the relevant Microsoft Word template by double clicking it
  • The Contact information should now be downloaded into the template

If you open your newly downloaded template you should see the keywords replaced with the relevant Contact information as below:

Uploading your template to RealtimeCRM for later use

You must have Administrator privileges to be able to upload and save templates to RealtimeCRM but once uploaded they can be accessed by all Users. You are able to save templates against any type of record including Project records.

So for example, if you have a quote template as an Administrator you can save it for later use in RealtimeCRM against your Opportunity records so that whenever any user next enters an Opportunity record it will be there in the list of saved templates ready for use without them having to upload again every time they want to use it.

  • Once inside the relevant record click Create document and then from the drop down menu select + Add Word document as a new template. If you’re not able to see this option it’s because you don’t have Administrator privileges and will have to contact your account Administrator in order to change your account type to an Administrator
  • A dialog box will open allowing you to find and select your desired template
  • Once you’ve done that the template will be uploaded and saved to RealtimeCRM available for later use
  • If you want to remove a saved template from RealtimeCRM simply click next to the file name of the template in the list
  • The procedure is identical for Opportunity, Project, Contact and Company records when saving templates