Your prospects annual revenue is a key price indicator. Here’s how to find it with RealtimeCRM

When prospecting for business it’s very useful to know what size of company you are talking with. Not only does this help you pitch correctly but it will help you filter down the types of products and services that can be at the top of the list to help them.

For example, when companies approach us with a view to getting RealtimeCRM for their business we take a look at their annual revenue as a guide to what size of organisation they might be. From that, we have an idea whether they are a startup company, perhaps with one or two staff, or whether they’re a larger company that might benefit from an Enterprise CRM plan. Before we speak to them we already know which CRM plan might benefit them most and how to make our pitch.

Estimated Annual Revenue

Fortunately, the ability to obtain the company’s revenue data – along with a host of other information too – is very easy in RealtimeCRM. When you add a Company record (which we do at the prospecting stage) it will display financial data as well as an estimate of the size of the business. That critical information is only a glance away (and kept up to date) so you can rely on it when speaking to the Company at first contact and further down the road.

The annual revenue estimation is based on a number of factors, including company size, location, category, and founding date. Our friends over at Clearbit who we’re drawing the data from have backtested the attribute against known revenues to achieve maximum accuracy. While not every Company will have their information displayed, the majority will and we’re confident that the free, easy to use feature will help your prospecting.