Why your business needs a custom CRM solution

What is a custom crm?

A custom CRM (customer relationship management) system is as the name would suggest built to meet your specific needs, just as custom clothing is built around your measurements as opposed to generic off the shelf options.

There are many compelling reasons why you would go down the road of a custom CRM for your business, but one of the most common is because you have a unique workflow that cannot be met by off the shelf options, it’s just too frustrating and costly in both time and money to get the square peg that is your business into the round hole of the off the shelf or modular CRM.

Why a custom CRM is better than a modular CRM

This brings us neatly to modular CRMs like Zoho which differ from custom CRM options like RT Enterprise in that they come with ready made sections called “modules” like marketing or accounts but they’re likely not going to fit your business, as they’re generic and made to fit a mass of companies.

What happens in effect is that your business tries and fails to fit the software, you end up having to create new spreadsheets and processes to get your workflow to fit the data structure of the modular CRM which undermines the whole point of having a CRM in the first place.

If you’re a business with a complex sales process or you deal with B2C and B2B customers a modular CRM is unlikely to meet your unique needs.

Proper integration with business operations

If you implement a custom CRM you can ensure your marketing and sales department have access to the information they need in the structure they want it in, making collaboration between different parts of your business much easier and therefore gaining advantages in business synergy and efficiency. What that means in plain english is that you’re going to save time, your staff will find it less frustrating to use the system so they’re more likely to use it and by having all the information you need in your custom CRM you can better meet the needs of your customers and increase revenue.

Better tracking of results

It’s all well and good being able to access and process your customer data better but you want better analytics too. In a modular CRM you’re stuck with the reports they give you, you need to export out and mess around with Excel to get the reporting you want. It’s time intensive and not ideal.

With a custom CRM you can implement the reports you want so that they’re always there, and you can keep track of what you care about without the hassle.

A more attractive system

Because the custom CRM platform is designed around you, you’re left with only the things that matter and therefore the extra fat is cut away this creates the potential for a CRM that is cleaner and less complicated, and therefore being user friendly will be an aid not another task for your sales teams. This matters because of the GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) principle. If your sales teams don’t want to use the system you’re not going to get the best out of it and leverage all of its benefits.

Furthermore you can set the focus of the system so you maintain an eagle eye on what matters to you, for example active customers and how to meet their needs. Over time you can further streamline your CRM to reduce repetitive tasks through automation and highlight the things that make your customers happy. You just don’t get this level of customer focus and flexibility with anything other than a custom CRM.

In summary

By implementing a custom CRM platform for your business you can gain a competitive advantage over rivals who have an inefficient system that doesn’t match their process. Whilst they’re struggling to find information, keep track of what’s going on and maintain intra-team collaboration you can leverage your custom CRM solution to make your customers happy and grow your revenue.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you with a custom CRM platform today, why not check out RT Enterprise, it’ll get your sales workflow and business processes into shape with a fully supported, customisable CRM system. With a complete, clearly priced solution you’ll be free to concentrate on running your business, not your software.