We’ve revamped our importer to make importing easier for you

We want you to work better, faster and easier. We don’t want you to spend time messing around with spreadsheets just to get the data you need into RealtimeCRM.

That’s why we’ve completely revamped our Importer to make life easier for you. At every step of the way we now provide you with import templates so all you have to do is download them, enter the data you want, save the changes and import it back into RealtimeCRM.

What if I want to add a list of tasks to an opportunity or project?

This should not be complicated! And we’ve worked hard to make it as easy as possible. Just go to the Opportunity or Project record you want, scroll down to the tasks box. Download the template, fill it in with the tasks you want and import the modified template right there in the Opportunity or Project record itself. You don’t need to know the ID of the Project record so you can map the tasks to it. We do that in the background for you.

Updating your existing records got simpler too

Select the records you want to update and then export them.

Open the CSV file that you’ve just downloaded and make the changes you want – it’ll already have the unique ID for each record which we’ll use to update them later on.

After saving the modified file just import it back into RealtimeCRM making sure to select ‘Update’ under Import type: and your changes will be applied in RealtimeCRM.

We’re always trying to find new ways to make getting data into RealtimeCRM less of a hassle. Your focus should be on your customers and your products not on spreadsheets. Leave that to us.