Save 50% of your data entry time with RealtimeCRM

Data entry is dreaded by many sales professionals. After all, it is cumbersome, unfulfilling and it can be easy to make a mistake.

One statistic that we saw recently that shocked us stated that 1 out of 5 businesses still use spreadsheets as their primary way of storing customer information. Shocking because for people that don’t like data entry, spreadsheets can be the worst possible solution.

Let us take a look at why data entry does not have to be slow and how RealtimeCRM can help you overcome this problem.

Let’s start with a simple speed test: We want to be able to enter the address and phone number of a local company “Chocolat Chocolat”. We know their web address and want to find the other relevant information.

The Spreadsheet:

It took almost 1 minute 30 seconds to find their address and telephone number. If we had 30 or so companies to process like this we could easily waste an hour of our day. As you can see, we have to continuously move between tabs and copy and paste the information we need. For a critical process, there are lots of opportunities for mistakes to be made.


Using RealtimeCRM it took around a third of that time to find the information we need. We would be able to process over 100 company records in our work hour rather than the 30 or so we saw previously. Not only that but RealtimeCRM found more information, including the social media links and Companies house information for our target company. It also involved much less data entry effort and so there was less chance for human error resulting in more accurate information.

There are lots of other benefits of RealtimeCRM over a spreadsheets but you can see for speed alone it’s well worth setting up RealtimeCRM for your business.