RT Enterprise v Salesforce – Effective Data Management while you run your business

RealtimeCRM has launched a fully customisable Enterprise grade version that stands up well against market incumbents like Salesforce, while adding a layer of care and customisation that the bigger players could never match. RealtimeCRM has launched RT Enterprise, a fully customisable solution for scaling teams without the complexity of the likes of Salesforce. RT Enterprise fuses enterprise grade power with consumer grade ease of use standing out from the rest of the pack.

Choose Salesforce and all will be well

To paraphrase the original adage about IBM, Nobody got fired for buying Salesforce, right? After all, Salesforce is by far the largest CRM provider and seems a wise choice for the larger company that need to be able to customise their experience. With a wealth of consultants and experts available it seems a no brainer, right?

But can your business do better?

Perhaps the biggest problem that we’ve seen users of Salesforce and other enterprise level customers experience is that the client company is left to burden far too much of the risk and expertise required to implement their system.

For those companies that require Salesforce to do something custom or that it doesn’t do the right way out of the box they are left to follow the customisation instructions which for busy companies with limited time and who are looking for the CRM to get them more efficient as soon as possible means having to engage with a Salesforce contractor, it’s starting to get more complicated isn’t it?

By this point you’ve probably been through a Salesforce call, onboarding process and might have an account manager. Different people have already been involved and now you need to select and engage your own developer. The short story is that for enterprise clients that have reached out to the self-proclaimed expert [citation needed] they are still left to appoint crm administrators, work up their own schemas and solve their own day to day problems.

So RT Enterprise takes care of that problem?

The point is that RT Enterprise takes care of everything. What’s more we do it all under one roof with a single point of contact. This means that from the quotation stage through to the support stage you’ll be dealing with the same team – you’ll probably get to know us. We’ll need your help tounderstand your business and process but from thereon out we’re responsible for all of the tricky stuff to make the CRM work the way you want it to.

We also look after you by providing support, applying security patches and even optional complementary feature upgrades over time.

What else stands RT Enterprise apart and above Salesforce

Well, there are a few things that immediately spring to mind: Firstly, getting pricing sorted for Salesforce licenses can be a nightmare. There are different tiers, adds-ons and options that all impact the monthly fee. RT Enterprise gives you none of that burden and provides you with a flat ongoing license fee. Any customisation and development is priced as a one-off cost for you which makes that controllable too.

Secondly, when you adopt Salesforce you are buying into a massive online service running a specific code base. When you customise Salesforce you’re making adjustments to your part of that system but within the constraints and limitations that it offers. At RT Enterprise we are dealing with bespoke code rather than customisation of a shared platform. This means that we can do much more with your system and tailor it entirely to your needs.

You can also see the ways in which we compare with Salesforce as well as other leading CRMs.

Find out more about RealtimeCRM and RT Enterprise

Head over to our pricing page to see how our products compare and what they include out-of-the-box. We’ve also outlined the features of RT Enterprise so you can see more detail on the benefits to the company.

Of course we’re here to help so get in touch with us for information.