Lead data enrichment in RealtimeCRM – Keeping your sales & contact data fresh

RealtimeCRM gives you data enrichment out of the box, there’s no plugins and integrations to sort out in the backend.

We know sales intelligence is important and that’s why we do it for you, in fact we’ve shown that we can save you fifty percent of your time on data entry with RealtimeCRM.

But here’s the thing, that’s not the only benefit, data enrichment in RealtimeCRM is the gift that keeps on giving because getting your data into a CRM is only as useful as the quality of the data you have. One of the biggest problems with any database is data decay, things just don’t get updated because its difficult and time consuming, that’s why a stunning seventy percent CRM records decay each year.

With RealtimeCRM we’re constantly updating your data in the background so it isn’t out of date. This matters because having decaying data will cost your business time and money.

Advanced account scoring

Let’s take an example of a company we’ve just added to RealtimeCRM, all we have is a web domain yet immediately we get more information for zero effort on the size of the company, an estimate of their revenue and therefore an indication of how valuable this potential customer is, and what tier of product may fit them and their buying intent.

If you’re selling a high value complex product then a very small business is probably not going to fit your ideal customer profile, and with RealtimeCRM you can figure this out from one single data point, their domain.

More data less fields

There’s an inverse relationship between the number of fields on a form and engagement with that form. You really want the customer data but you don’t want to put them off with intrusive forms.

Again, with RealtimeCRM from one single data point, the contact’s email address we’ll go and look for their social profiles so you don’t have to ask for them. We’ll keep them up to date throughout your customer lifecycle so you don’t have to.

But why does that matter?

Create more personalised hyper targeted customer profiles

It matters because you can drive engagement with more relevant emails tailored to their job role or interests. It saves you time on looking for the right sources about your leads when you’re researching them so you can find out about recent changes to their businesses and incorporate that into your sales pitch to them.

People and businesses are not static, they change and if you want evergreen data then you need an intelligent database that has sales intelligence baked into it from the start, that’s why RealtimeCRM is made for sales teams and with their needs in mind.