Introducing Sales Forecasting in RealtimeCRM

With RealtimeCRM you and your sales team can keep track of your Opportunities.

Whenever you add a new Opportunity you can see where in your sales pipeline it is and push those opportunities on the verge of closing over the line.

But now you can do more. You can add a win probability to each individual Opportunity in your pipeline.

Win Probability in RealtimeCRM is the likelihood of an individual Opportunity being won and the sale adding to the income of your company.

You can change the Win Probability as you move an Opportunity down your sales pipeline. At first you might think there’s only a 30% chance of winning the Opportunity but at the last stage it might increase to 80-100%.

The Win Probability allows RealtimeCRM to calculate the expected value of your Opportunity Pipeline.

For example, let’s say you have an Opportunity worth $1,000 with a Win Probability of 75%. That means the expected value of the Opportunity is $750. The expected value gives you the weighted pipeline value.

This allows you to forecast the expected value of sales you’re likely to close over any given period. As well as the expected value of Opportunities at each stage of your pipeline and the overall weighted value of your sales pipeline.

With sales forecasting in RealtimeCRM you can assess whether you’ll meet your sales targets and focus in on the Opportunities that will really help your bottom line. Being able to make accurate forecasts is critical to sales planning and execution. Log in to try sales forecasting now.