Instantly generate new quotes with RealtimeCRM unlike with Close

Being able to generate and send quotes to your leads quickly and efficiently is critical to success in sales.

It’s a task that every sales team has to go through so you want it to be as smooth as possible – you’re going to be doing it all the time.

We’re going to do something fun today, and that you’ll find really useful. We’re going to see how one of our competitors “helps” you to create and send quotes and then compare it to ourselves, RealtimeCRM.

Not to spoil anything but we’re better and we’re going to prove it!

Sending quotes out of Close is a pain

First of all you can’t send quotes out of Close, that’s strike one.

Instead, you have to integrate Close with a third party system called WebMerge and you’ve got to go into that different system and set up all of your templates, then you have to set up the email delivery and you have to mess around with merge fields, it’s already a lot of work.

Oh and you’ve got to obviously pay for WebMerge on top of your Close subscription just to send some quotes. Strike two.

But it doesn’t end there, see Close and WebMerge can’t talk to each other so you need another third party application called Zapier which you have to set up, that’s more time you’re spending not selling. That’s more time spent learning new software, remembering more passwords, all this just to send some quotes.

So you have to go to Zapier and set up the link between Close and WebMerge, you have to go into Close and WebMerge then authenticate the link and then set up things called triggers. It goes on and on and we’re still not creating or sending quotes but we don’t have that kind of time.

Let’s just see how RealtimeCRM does it.

Sending quotes from RealtimeCRM is simple

First of all we don’t charge you extra for this. It’s included in our one simple price promise.

Secondly, you don’t need to integrate with anyone else, everything is set up from within RealtimeCRM. So we’re already way simpler than Close. All the information you need to create a quote is in RealtimeCRM, it makes sense that you shouldn’t need to go anywhere else.

To make things even simpler we go further, with RealtimeCRM you can email the quote directly out of the system.

So how do you set this up?

Click through to the Opportunity record you wish to create the quote for then click the ‘Send Quote’ button A new form should open up allowing you to configure your quote, including adding in your own logo, terms and other relevant information.

Once you’ve entered in the relevant details you’ll notice the PDF preview update, you can click the magnifying glass to zoom in and double check it looks OK. The next step is to click the ‘Next’ button which will take you to the Send Email form where you can edit the message and subject of the email your potential customer will receive.

Once you’re happy simply click the ‘Send email’ button and the email will be sent with a PDF attachment of the quote to your Contact.

Pretty simple right?

The quote template is ready to go, all the information is in RealtimeCRM and all you need to do is confirm a few details. You want life to be simpler not harder for your sales team so they can focus on the stuff that’ll really boost your bottom line which is why you should give RealtimeCRM a try, it’s free to try for 30 days.