Restore a Lost Opportunity

RealtimeCRM enables you to keep track of prospective sales via our Opportunities feature, sometimes of course Opportunities can be lost due to being out bid by another firm or the Client simply changed their mind.

However to that end a seemingly lost Opportunity may yet be recovered and RealtimeCRM is able to record this change in the Opportunity record. Once an Opportunity is reopened it is no different from any other Opportunity and goes through the Sales Pipelines and the various Opportunity stages as normal.

Restore a lost Opportunity

  • Click on the Opportunities panel in the left hand side bar
  • Click Add filter and from the drop-down list select ‘State:’ then select ‘State: Lost’, this will then only list those Opportunities which have been marked as lost
  • Now click on the lost Opportunity you wish to re-open
  • Inside the Opportunity record click the Reopen button
  • A warning box will open asking you to confirm whether you wish to reopen the Opportunity, if you wish to proceed then click the blue ‘OK’ button
  • Your Opportunity should now be reopened and ready to use as normal