Add a Product as a Line Item in a Project or Opportunity

Your Products panel in RealtimeCRM is a catalogue of all the goods and services you provide. It records what it is, the per unit cost and final sales price. However that’s not all, you can fill in the line items on your Opportunities and Projects with the items in the Products list you’ve already created within RealtimeCRM. This will save you time having to enter the same information in again and again. To learn how to add a Product to RealtimeCRM read this article.

Add a Product as a line item

In this example we will add a Product to an Opportunity, but the procedure will be identical if you were to add a Product to a Project.

  • Click on the Opportunities panel on the left hand sidebar
  • Select the Opportunity you wish to add a Product(s) to
  • Once inside the relevant Opportunity record scroll down to the Line Items menu and then click the Add line item button
  • The add new line item dialog box will open within which you can add the product you want by selecting it from the drop-down menu under the ‘Product’ label
  • All the product information will be drawn from your Products catalogue but you can change the price to whatever you want. For example, if in this Opportunity you want to sweeten the deal by giving a discount you can manually change the product sales price. This new sales price is exclusively tied to this Opportunity and does not change the sales price of the Product back on the Products catalogue itself which remains unchanged. This gives you added flexibility when trying to make deals
  • Once you’re happy with the sales price, quantity and other attributes of the Product simply click the Add button to save it to your Opportunity as a new line item
  • You’ll notice the total value of the Opportunity or Project remains unchanged as this is independent from the line item(s) and you can change this to whatever figure you desire. You can also click back to the Product in the catalogue from the line in the Opportunity or Project by clicking its Product number.