Inventory management, adjusting your Product’s stock level

RealtimeCRM enables you to record your Products, you can track whether they’re in any of your Opportunities and Projects and adjust the stock level accordingly.

This enables you to manage your inventory.

Tracking your Product usage

When you click through to a Product you can view which Opportunities and/or Projects are utilising it as a line item.

In this example we’re going to check which Opportunities and Projects the Product ‘Eternal Youth Serum’ is used in as a line item.

You can have any quantity of a Product used in your Opportunities and Projects as you require, including more than your stock level.

For example, when you add a Product as a line item to an Opportunity RealtimeCRM will tell you how many of that Product are being used in other open Opportunities within the add line item form. Every time you add the Product as a line item it doesn’t deduct from your Product’s stock level You can only increase or decrease the actual stock level manually on that specific Product’s record.

This because we want to give you flexibility and increased accuracy, when you add a Product to an Opportunity that Opportunity might not go anywhere so it would be unwise to knock down your stock level, when you add a Product to a Project that doesn’t mean its been shipped to your customer yet, as far as you’re concerned its still in your ‘stock room’ and your actual stock level hasn’t gone down yet.

When you actually move Product from you to your customer – that’s when you can knock down its stock level in RealtimeCRM, but we still give you information of how many of that Product is being used across your Opportunities and Projects so you can plan ahead and decide if you need to order more and increase your stock level.

Adjust a Product’s stock level

In this example we’re going to increase the stock level of the Product ‘Branding logo’. There are two ways to do this, you can increase or decrease the quantity of the Product in unit increments by clicking the + and – buttons or click the ‘Edit’ button to simply type in the new stock level.

  • Click on the ‘Products’ panel on the left hand sidebar
  • Then click on the relevant Product whose stock level you wish to adjust, in this case we’re clicking on ‘Branding logo’
  • To increase or decrease the quantity of the Product click the ‘+’ or ‘-’ button respectively under the heading ‘Quantity in stock’. The Product stock level will automatically be updated and saved
  • Alternatively, click on the ‘Edit’ button in the Product details box and then under where it says ‘Current stock level’ type in your desired new Product quantity
  • Now click Update to save the new stock level

Note: Every time you change a Product’s stock level RealtimeCRM will automatically add an acitivity note telling you who changed the stock level. Just scroll down to the bottom of the record to the Activity Timeline.