I want to assign a document or website link to a record

There are occasions when you may wish to record more than one web link for a Contact or Project record. There could be varying reasons for this such as the Contact or Company having more than one website or you want to save a supplier login page on a Project so you can quickly access it and order the line items you need to fulfil an order. RealtimeCRM enables you to achieve this by two different approaches, you can either create a Custom Field which can record the additional web link or you can record it under the Documents heading.

We will demonstrate both methods in this help article.

In this example we are going to add a web link to a single Project using the Documents feature, so that whenever you enter this Project record from now on that web link will be available to you. The web link in this example will be to a supplier’s website (Amazon) so that we can order what we need to fulfil the Project.

  • Click on the Projects panel in the left hand sidebar
  • Select the Project record you wish to add the web link to
  • Once inside the Project record scroll down the page until you reach the Documents box
  • Click the  Add from… button and from the drop-down menu select ‘URL’
  • A dialog box should now open asking you to enter the URL of the web link you wish to add to the record and the name of this URL, we will title it ‘Supplier Order page’
  • Once you’ve entered the relevant information simply click the blue ‘Add Document’ button to save it
  • From now on whenever you need to visit that web link simply click on it in the Documents box

In this example we are going to add a Custom Field to all Project records which records the login page for a Supplier, so that whenever we visit a Project we can simply click through to the Suppliers website and order the relevant items.

  • Click on your Username on the top right corner
  • From the drop-down menu which appears select ‘Settings’
  • Now click the ‘Configuration’ panel
  • Scroll down the Configuration page until you see Custom fields heading
  • Under this heading click Add custom field, a new dialog box will open allowing you to create your Custom Field
  • Since we want to record a web link then Custom Field type will be a text field and then we can label it as ‘Supplier order page’ and since we want this Custom Field to appear in all Project fields we will set the record type as ‘Project’. The default value can be left blank as you or another User will enter the relevant web link when they need to in a Project record later on
  • Once you’ve entered the necessary details simply click the Add button and this new Custom Field will be saved and applied to all Project records
  • Now click on the Projects panel in the left hand sidebar and select the relevant Project record
  • Once inside the relevant Project record scroll down the page to the Custom Fields box and click Edit
  • A dialog box will open with all of your Custom Fields, look for the one you just created labelled in this example ‘Supplier order page’, and in the text field underneath it simply enter the web link and click the Update button