Add a document from SharePoint to RealtimeCRM

RealtimeCRM allows you to attach documents to a variety of records including Companies, Contacts, Projects and Tasks.

RealtimeCRM doesn’t simply attach documents to records but also has the same access settings as your cloud storage platform so even if you link a sensitive document to a record if another RealtimeCRM User who doesn’t have access to it clicks on it in RealtimeCRM they will not be able to view it.

Adding a document from SharePoint

In this example we will add the document titled ‘Customer Visit Request’ to the Project ‘72 Branded Mugs’

  • Find the record you wish to add the document to. In this case we’ll click on the Projects panel then from the Projects list page select the Project titled ‘72 Branded Mugs’
  • Now that you are on that Company’s record, scroll down the page until you see the Documents box
  • Click  Add from…
  • A small drop-down menu will appear and then select ‘OneDrive/SharePoint’
  • After doing so if this is your first time integrating SharePoint with RealtimeCRM you’ll need your Microsoft account credentials, simply sign in as normal
  • You may be asked if you wish to remain signed into your Microsoft Account to avoid having to sign in again, it is up to you if you decide to do so
  • Next, find the document you wish to add to the Project record in RealtimeCRM and open it, in this case ‘Customer Visit Request’
  • Your document will now be attached to the record and you can view it by clicking on it.

Removing a linked document from the record?

Simply click the trash icon next to the relevant document to remove it from the record.