Configure quote totals and sales tax

When sending a quotation you need to make sure that the tax elements are showing correctly. You might have line items that are priced inclusively of tax, subject to a standard rate or tax exempt. RealtimeCRM takes care of all of that complexity once you have recorded the information correctly against the Product.

When added to an Opportunity or a Project, a Line Item can inherit the price and tax status of the Product that it relates to. Therefore, when adding your Products into RealtimeCRM it’s a good idea to add them with their correct (or at least default) sales price, tax rate and cost. (Remember you can change these default values once the Product has been added as Line Item)

Here’s an example:

When added as Line Items, the price of each of these Products will then be calculated correctly.

When generating the quotation you have control of how these calculated prices and tax rates display. For example you can decide whether you want to show the tax per line item, the total tax for the overall quotation value, as well as whether you want to display the quotation value at all.

You can select these options on the Quote Configuration dialogue box which appears When you click the Send quote button on the desired Opportunity record.