Change the email address for your RealtimeCRM User

RealtimeCRM allows you to associate multiple Email addresses to the same RealtimeCRM account; there is no limit to how many you can have. This means you can log into that account with any of the Email addresses you associate with it.

Now of course RealtimeCRM also allows you to receive notifications but to which email address will it go to if you have more than one? Well the answer is up to you, you are able to select one of the email addresses as your primary email address and it is to this one where all notifications will be sent.

Adding additional email address to your account

  • Click on your Username on the top right corner and then select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu
  • This should take you to your ‘My profile’ page, scroll down until you see the Manage Email Addresses heading and then simply type in the new Email address you wish to add to the account in the box under the sub heading ‘Add an Email Address’
  • Once you’ve entered the additional Email address click the Add button
  • You will then be sent a link to this email address asking you to verify it before the new Email address is added to your account, you should also see a  next to the newly added Email address because it isn’t verified yet. It will remain so until you click the verification link in the Email RealtimeCRM will send you
  • Now sign into that Email account and click the validation link
  • Once you’ve verified it via the link you should see the following dialog box open in RealtimeCRM, it confirms your new Email address has been added to your RealtimeCRM account and you may dismiss the dialog box

In addition, the newly added Email address will be listed alongside the existing Email addresses associated with your RealtimeCRM account

Setting the primary email address

The primary email will be used by RealtimeCRM to send you notifications. You can still of course log into your RealtimeCRM with any of the associated Emails.

  • Click on your Username and then click ‘Settings’
  • This should take you to your ‘My profile’ page, scroll down until you see the Manage Email Addresses heading and then look at the list of associated Emails
  • Click the Set as primary button next to the Email you wish to select as the primary one and then it will be set to receive notifications from you RealtimeCRM account, you will see a gold star next to it

Remove an email address from your RealtimeCRM account

To remove an associated Email account simply click the Delete button next to it in your list of associated Email addresses.