The Watched Items Widget

The purpose of the Watched Items Widget is to give you a high level overview of your most important records in RealtimeCRM as soon as you sign into your Dashboard.

This is especially useful if you have a lot of Projects running at the same time so you can keep track of the bigger more important ones ensuring success and you remaining in the black.

Or if you have an important client with whom you are negotiating with and you wish to keep track of all correspondence.

Adding the Watched Item widget to your Dashboard

  • From the Dashboard click Add widget
  • Select ‘Watched Items’ from the drop-down list
  • The Watched Items Widget should now appear on the Dashboard

Add a record to the Watched Item list

In this example we are going to add the Contact record ‘Francois Elan’ to our Watched Item list, you can of course add records of any other type to your Watched Item list including Tasks. Once added to the Watch Item widget we will be able to keep track of any changes to the record directly from the Dashboard.

  • First find the record you wish to watch in this case we will go to the Contacts panel in the left hand sidebar and select the Contact record ‘Francois Elan’
  • Once on the relevant record click the symbol to start watching this record
  • Now go back to the record and it should appear on the Watched Items list

Note: To stop watching a record simply go back to it and click the  symbol again.

Go directly from the Watched Items list to the Watched record

In this example the watched record is ‘Francois Elan’ and to go from the Watched Item list in the Dashboard directly to the Contact record ‘Francois Elan’ simply click on the record name in the list