Add or remove Line Items from a Project

RealtimeCRM allows you to add line Items directly into your Project record allowing you to easily keep an audit trail and have all the necessary information to complete the Project in the same record. You can either add one of your Products as a line item or create a new line item unique to that Project.

To add a Line Item

  • Click on the Projects panel in the left hand side bar
  • Select the Project record you wish to add the Line Item to
  • Scroll down the Project record until you see the ‘Line Items’ box then click the Add line item button
  • This will open a new dialog box allowing you to add more details about the Line item including the quantity and per unit value. You can select an existing Product to add as a line item as in this case or one specific to the Project by leaving the Product field blank as in this example
  • Once you’ve entered the necessary information click the Add button to save the newly added Line item
  • If you want to add another Line Item to the Project then simply follow the above steps

Removing or editing a Line Item

  • To remove a Line Item simply click the Delete button next to it, a warning message will appear asking you to confirm whether you wish to remove it. If you wish to proceed simply click the blue ‘Ok’ button
  • To edit a Line Item simply click the Edit button next to it, a new dialog box will open allowing you to modify the details of the Line Item and once complete just click the blue ‘Save’ button to keep the changes