Reporting Overview

RealtimeCRM is set up to provide you with up to date information all the time. However, sometimes you want to take a snapshot of your business or to analyse trends over time. This is where the RealtimeCRM reporting section can be used.

Reporting Permissions

Viewing reports potentially gives access to lots of information spread throughout RealtimeCRM so you should be careful to only provide access to reports to those people that need to view them. By default, reporting is switched off for each user but can easily be enabled by an administrator.

Enable Reporting

If you are an administrator then you can grant any User the ability to view Reports by doing the following steps:

  1. Click on your name at the top right of the CRM and then select Settings
  2. From the sub-menu that displays select Users
  3. Select Edit next to the User for whom you want to enable reporting permissions
  4. On the window that appears scroll down to the Reports section and click to enable Can View Reports

The User will immediately see the Reports option appear on their menu on the left hand side of their screen.

Disable Reporting

To remove the right of a User to view Reports you should follow the steps above in Enable Reporting but select Can View Reports again in order to toggle the option off.

The menu option will no longer be available to the User once the reporting privilege has been removed.

Available Reports

We are growing the list of Reports that are available and would love to hear your feedback on the reports that you would like to see.

Opportunity Lost Reasons

This report provides you with an overview of the categorised reasons that opportunities are being lost. Use it to spot common themes or trends in any lost business over the past year. Read more

Sales Performance

This useful management report gives you an overview of how your sales agents are performing. It can provide you with valuable insights into how your agents can be supported [Read more]/support/sales-team-performance-report/)

Client Income

This report gives an ordered graph of company and contact records by income received. Make sure that you know who your big spenders are, and treat them well. Read more

Company Activity

A summary of the most recent interactions that you’ve had across all of the Companies that you deal with. This report is ideal for team meetings or for general updates Read more


Get an oversight of the way your business is using Tasks, and how many are being completed on time. Read more

Additional Permissions

In addition to the ability to view reports outlined above the reports that a User sees will also be limited by other permissions that they have. This ensures that the User does not inadvertently see information through viewing a report that they otherwise would not see through RealtimeCRM.

For details on which permission levels are needed for each report please see the information given for each of the reports. As an example, the Management Reports for Sales Team Performance and Client Income Report both require the User to be an Administrator.

Reports for your Business

We are growing the number of reports that are available within RealtimeCRM. We aim for each and every report to be easy to view without configuration and to be helpful for the businesses that need RealtimeCRM.

If your business would benefit from a certain report that is not available then please let us know via the feedback form.