Organise your Custom Fields using Labels

Labels are a really useful tool for organising your Custom Fields. They don’t actually store any information but they allow you to hide your Custom Fields under them until you need them leading to a less cluttered record.

For example lets say you have Custom Fields that record food allergies and whether a Contact is a vegetarian or not. You can then create a label titled “Dietary requirements” and then hide those two Custom Fields and whenever you want to access them just click the Dietary requirements label and they appear for you to edit.

Adding a Label

In this example we’re going to add the label “Dietary requirements” to all Contact records to group together the Custom Fields “Diet” and “Food Allergy”.

  • Click on your Username in the top right and the select ‘settings’ from the list of options. Next, simply click on the ‘Configuration’ panel
  • Scroll down to the Custom Fields heading and then click Add custom field
  • In the new form that appears select the “Record type” as “Contact” and “Type” as Label then click the ‘Add’ button
  • Scroll down to where the Contacts Custom Fields appear and you’ll notice that the new label “Dietary Requirements” is added to the bottom without any Custom Fields under it. So in order to group existing Custom Fields under this label you’ll have to drag it above the Custom Fields you want grouped under it
  • You can see how this works by the Custom Fields that are grouped under the already existing label “Queries”
  • In order to move the Label up the list of Custom Fields click and drag the up the list of Custom Fields
  • The Custom Fields “Diet” and “Food Allergy” should now be grouped under your newly created Label and if you click back into any Contact record you should see as such

Remove a Label from a Custom Field

There are two options here you can simply delete the label but what if you want to keep the label for other Custom Fields, and you just want to remove the label from only one Custom Field. Then all you have to do is drag the Custom Field you don’t want grouped under a label above it in the Custom Fields Order list.