Integrate with VoIP telephone systems

By integrating RealtimeCRM with a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system making calls becomes a breeze.

This new integration allows you to make calls using click-to-dial functionality. You will need to be a RealtimeCRM administrator to do this.

Integrating RealtimeCRM with a VoIP Telephone System

  • Click on your name as it is displayed in the top right corner and from the drop-down menu select Settings
  • Next, click on the Third Party Integration panel shown on the sub-menu. It’s near the bottom.
  • Once on the Third Party Integration page scroll down until you see the Telephone System heading as shown below

  • From the drop-down menu select your VoIP provider. We’re adding providers all the time so if yours isn’t shown then do check back.
  • Now enter the details that corresponds to your VoIP account, and the appropriate extension number. You will be able to get this information from your current VoIP provider;
  • Finally, click the blue ‘Submit’ button to complete the integration.

Make a VoIP call from RealtimeCRM

Now that you’ve integrated your VoIP system into RealtimeCRM you can call any Company or Contact for whom you have a telephone or mobile number by simply clicking the Place VOIP call button wherever it appears next to a phone number.

In this example we are going to place a call with a Contact.

  • Click on the Contacts panel in the left hand sidebar
  • Select the Contact whom you wish to call
  • Inside the record you will see the Contact’s mobile or telephone number. Depending on which number you wish to dial you should click the Place VOIP call  button next to the appropriate number;
  • Once you’ve clicked the Place VOIP call button it will dial the number automatically and a dialog box will appear asking whether you wish to add an activity note which records that a call has been placed with the Contact. During this if the Contact picks up the phone you can speak with them as normal via your VoIP phone or if not you can hang up, ending the call as normal via your VoIP phone

Note: The Place VOIP call button will only appear in dedicated Mobile phone and Telephone number fields in RealtimeCRM, if you have more phone numbers recorded in Custom Fields you have created then this button will not appear next to them

This feature is in Beta. This means its use by the RealtimeCRM development team and in-house shows that it works but we welcome feedback from users on any problems that they might find.

As a third party integration, RealtimeCRM can’t help with any queries you have with your VoIP account. Please contact VoIP provider directly if you have any problems or queries that relate to the operation of your VoIP system.