How RealtimeCRM helped Robert Lewis Accountants to win more deals

CompanyRobert Lewis Accountants
HeadquartersCambridge, UK

Founded in 2006, Robert Lewis Accountants are a network of independently owned accountants who specialise in offering professional financial and accounting services to sole traders, partnerships and corporate clients from a wide range of industries and sectors, across the UK.

In 2019, Adam Fernandes founded Robert Lewis Accountants (Cambridge). He didn’t want to simply provide a traditional compliance service, but wanted to focus on providing real value to his clients, by taking an in depth look at their business systems and processes. Through this he can then provide tailored advice on business planning, strategy and identify the right tools to use, whilst leveraging his diverse network to connect the right people together to encourage growth and profitability.

“Having worked in a large corporate firm and now starting up my own accountancy practice, I know how important it is to have a robust CRM system to help manage contacts, opportunities, leads and conversations. The team at RealtimeCRM have not only been super supportive, but the CRM platform has made it easy to keep on top of everything.”

Life before RealtimeCRM: Expensive and clunky solutions

Before striking out on his own Adam spent 18 years working at a large corporate firm where he used a well-known CRM platform to manage leads but found it clunky, expensive and difficult to use. Now with his new start-up the extra cost and complexity just didn’t make sense to him, so he decided to look for an alternative solution since he had the chance to start afresh.

Adam spends most of his time face to face with clients in meetings, trying to understand their challenges and helping businesses with their problems. He needed something where he could easily manage his database of growing clients, quickly add new clients and push proposals into client wins. All the while tracking his interactions with and recording tasks for each new contact.

What he didn’t want was a system that made it difficult to achieve the above and he certainly didn’t want to spend more time on managing data and would rather concentrate on building relationships with people. What he wanted was a system that made it easier for him to identify and manage his opportunities and to provide a high standard service his clients need and want.

Adam decided to try RealtimeCRM, and from the beginning found the ability to view all of his opportunities on a single screen incredibly useful. The pipeline view displayed larger opportunities as bigger bubbles enabling him to focus on more lucrative potential deals and push them forwards. He loves the intuitive and simple graphical way of telling him where to focus his efforts.

Identifying the key opportunities and meeting client needs with RealtimeCRM

In addition he’s able to quickly assign new tasks from within the opportunities themselves, this process is simple and so does not feel like a chore. Plus updating them as the opportunity progresses is equally straightforward.

Another feature of RealtimeCRM that made things simpler for Adam is the ability to add new companies to the system with just their website, and then the system creates a new record pre filling it with information it finds from Companies House and other sources. Since Adam spends a lot of his time on the go meeting clients the ability to do more with less is invaluable.

There are still more parts of RealtimeCRM that Adam is keen to try out, especially our Xero integration and reap the benefits of not having to spend time duplicating work by copying the same contact over from RealtimeCRM to Xero manually.

For Adam, RealtimeCRM has made the process of managing his new practise simpler saying “I would have no hesitation in recommending RealtimeCRM to businesses large and small”.

“My favourite part of RealtimeCRM is the ability to view all of my opportunities on one screen and to easily identify the stage of the opportunity and to update tasks at a click of a button.”

Their favourite RealtimeCRM features

Opportunity Pipeline

Easily add & update Tasks

Quickly add Companies from just a website