How RealtimeCRM became the central hub of 447 telecoms

447 telecoms is a telecommunications company that provides businesses with hosted telephony solutions, mobile phones and internet connectivity across the UK.

Company447 telecoms
HeadquartersHuntingdon, UK
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Juggling spreadsheets and documents before RealtimeCRM

447 telecoms is a telecommunications company that provides businesses with hosted telephony solutions, mobile phones and internet connectivity across the UK.

With so many businesses dependent on 447 telecoms for their infrastructure it was critical to have a process in place which could meet the challenge.

Head of Operations, Alex Carson set about finding a CRM solution that could scale whilst providing easy access to the information his team needed to help their customers.

The key problem that Alex faced was that his team had a lot of information that they needed to access quickly but it was tied up in multiple sources. They had used spreadsheets and documents that would have several pages and it was difficult to find the information required.

Plus, with their current system it wasn’t set up to help collaboration. It wasn’t immediately apparent who had just spoken to a customer and about what. This need to reorganise their process drove them to look for a new solution.

Keeping track of changes and ensuring everyone had access to the most up to date information was also a concern. The system in place just wasn’t flexible enough to meet the needs of the team, what they really wanted was one centralised location where they could access what they wanted quickly and efficiently.

“If you are looking for a flexible solution with new features being added all the time backed up with a very helpful support team, I would look no further than the RealtimeCRM.”

RealtimeCRM becomes the central hub of information

Once Alex and his team signed up to RealtimeCRM they began to quickly see the benefits. Their core problem of needing a central hub of information was dealt with as they could easily create and update the forms they needed to store all the necessary information using custom fields. Plus, all of that information could be easily accessed as the entire system is searchable. The information that needed to be accessed more regularly could be tagged or added to their favourites. It just makes life generally easier for the team.

With the Activity Timeline they could now easily keep track of interactions with the customer as well, something that was not so simple previously.

As a result they’re now able to support their growing customer base confident in the fact that they have a solid system behind them.

In addition, their VoIP solutions integrate with RealtimeCRM so they are able to call customers directly from within RealtimeCRM and automatically record an activity note of what was discussed. It’s convenient and a time saver. Alex and his team really love this integration, so much so that it’s one of the main reasons they now recommend RealtimeCRM to their own customers.

They also love the fact that RealtimeCRM integrates with OneDrive so all their documents are tied directly to the relevant customer record. Where before everything was disparate now everything is centralised and again it just makes life easier, something we heard from Alex again and again.

Their favourite RealtimeCRM features

Easily store, access and update information

VoIP integration

OneDrive integration