Schedule Meetings in Zoom with RealtimeCRM

RealtimeCRM enables you to manage your customers and to drive your sales opportunities forward. With Zoom integration you can now drive towards your sales goals faster as it’s much easier to schedule, manage and join meetings with your Contacts.

Integrating RealtimeCRM with Zoom

It’s really simply to get started, all you need to do is have your Zoom log in details ready and when prompted enter them, and then you’re ready to go. There’s no complicated set up necessary. Remember that Zoom is a free service and you don’t need the paid plan to take advantage of the integration.

Scheduling meetings is a breeze

Once connected, start scheduling meetings with your Contacts.

Just head over to the Contact you want to invite to a meeting and click the add button on the communication panel. This will allow you to set the date and time as well as enter any other details the Contact will need, plus any notes for yourself that only you can see. RealtimeCRM will then notify you via the app and by email 15 minutes before the call is scheduled to start.

The other awesome benefit of our zoom integration is that through RealtimeCRM you can invite specific clients, this is actually a paid feature for Zoom so doing it through RealtimeCRM can save you $10 a month.

Need to rearrange or cancel a meeeting?

We’ve got you covered, you can easily manage your Zoom Meetings from within RealtimeCRM, if you need to cancel we’ll automatically send the Contact an email informing them of the cancellation and add it to the Activity Timeline too so you and your team are always on top of what’s going on.

Where to view your Scheduled Meetings?

You can view your scheduled Zoom Meetings in your Tasks Calendar and the Scheduler but note that by default they are set not to appear but you can choose whether to display them or not.