How 1g Dynamics streamlined its process to increase profits

Director of Business development Matt Deards needed to find a solution that was simple and didn’t add another layer of complexity.

Company1g Dynamics
HeadquartersRoyston, UK
RealtimeCRM users30

Without RealtimeCRM: The growing pains were becoming unbearable

With operations spanning the globe and demanding customers needing updates on jobs in real time, and a finance department that needed to be able to confirm completed jobs before invoicing the strain was beginning to show as the sheer number of jobs grew. This resulted in delayed billing and much frustration.

For Matt and his team they needed to be able to solve this problem without having to sink a lot of time into learning a whole new process, and a solution that could keep up with the growing business. What they wanted was to be able to quickly find out the status of a job and to reduce the delay between completed work and billing.

“RealtimeCRM is a great, user friendly product with lots of flexibility with the added benefit of superb support. RealtimeCRM is a fantastic tool helping myself manage customers, grow sales and much more. Highly recommended”

Billing no longer a headache with RealtimeCRM

Matt decided to try RealtimeCRM in particular because he was impressed with the Scheduler, he liked the simple graphical view for organising his engineers. It allowed 1g to not only organise engineer jobs but view their status in real time, allowing their accounts department to bill work as soon as completed. Removing the lag between jobs and billing has made the whole process more efficient and reduced the chance of invoices slipping through the cracks.

In fact in their office they have RealtimeCRM displaying the Scheduler on a large wall mounted screen to keep the whole office up to date. Whenever a job changes to green the accounts department know to immediately bill it. It’s saved them time and simplified the whole process of getting the information they need without calls or meetings.

In addition it allows them to plan work appropriately so they always deliver and make the most efficient use of available resources.

Overall 1g have become more efficient and profitability has grown. Most importantly their customers are getting a better service.

They started RealtimeCRM with 1 user and now have nearly 30 users interacting with the system every day, including their sales team who use RealtimeCRM to track their opportunities and win more deals. “We are still on the journey with RealtimeCRM and I believe in the future more benefits will be realised as we use RealtimeCRM more” explains Matt.

So what’s the final verdict? “Knowing that the RealtimeCRM team have thousands of companies like us to deal with they always makes us feel as if we are their only customer. Well done and thank you”.